Look #59 ; Cuute V-Day Tanktops ;D

Couldn’t find a Creative Title :o! , My Brain’s going Off xD!


check Out These New Tank Tops By URCo. , Totaly V-day’ishh!


Here’s the Marketplace Link : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/URCoLove-my-Tank-tops-3/3139289

Make Suure you Get them !


Shape :- Pink Acid Eternal Beauty Teen Shape, Ugg Boots & Style Card MOD. (modified a Lil bit by Mee )

Skin :- Pink Acid Jackie Skin (caramel) Face 1-Dark Brows – breast(Pink Acid Jackie Skin (caramel) + Breast Enhancer Skin Option)

Eyes :- .:: DELISH ::. Lauren Eyes (From the .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar – Lauren – 06 )

Hair :- >TRUTH< Sydney – barley (>TRUTH< Sydney –  blondes)

Makeup :- Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 – Pink (Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 – 6 Pack)

Shorts :- -paper.doll- RolledDenimShorts: MediumWash


•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•       Thɛ ɛɳĐ         •❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•

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