Look #72

Okay , so You Guyz Already know I LOVE Pink , Right xD?

Anyway! , i Love Pink !! , so Back to the Original Topic ; This is a HAWWT New Outfit By BeLote ! It’s Made Specially Made for MPW ! ( My Perfect Wardrobe)

It Includes The AWESOME Mesh Sweater & This Crazzzyyy Cuute Mini Skirtt!

Check it Outt ; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Escapes/111/54/23

Kayso , im Wearing :

– Custom Made Shape By Mee!

– [PF] Ember <Honey> – Pure (dkbrow)

– Pink Acid Punk Princess Eyeliner & Eyelashes Only Option

– Teeth (alpha new viwer)

–  R.icielli – NICOLETTI Eyebrows

– .:: DELISH ::. Lauren Eyes

– ::Exile:: Bring it On!

– Pink Acid Candy Girl Lipstick – Light Pink

– JCNY – Mothers Heart, Engraving Edition, Hyper-Gems Necklace

 – Pumps : HOC Industries – Platform Pumps

•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•       Thɛ ɛɳĐ         •❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•❤•

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